All About Flags For Less Online Parent Company - The Flag Company

The Flag Company began in 1989 as the result of a real estate agent’s need to attract attention to a listing. The Logo Field Flag was created and the agent sold her listing. Approved supplier status was acquired with all the major realty franchises in order to offer Logo Field Flags and other items. Oil companies, restaurants, and hotel chains were approached and became separate families of business with their own specific favorite items, including flagpoles, which became an important part of our business.

As The Flag Company grew, custom printing was offered to provide companies with their logo flags. We also provide screen printing on a contract basis for several large flag manufacturers. In addition to screen printing, digital printing allows us to print incredible images on various substrates. To date, thousands of custom flags have been printed for companies around the U.S. and overseas.

In 1999, The Flag Company built a new facility in order to accommodate its increased flagpole business. Our Flagpole Division bids and negotiates commercial projects throughout the U.S. The company resume includes:

  • 1996 Olympics - Atlanta - Flagpoles and Flags
  • Dow Chemical World Headquarters - MI - Flagpoles & Flagpole Beacons
  • Ft. Benning - National Infantry Museum - Flagpoles
  • Ft. Bragg - FORSCOM Headquarters - Flagpoles
  • Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport - Flagpoles
  • IKEA - CA - Flagpole Beacons
  • Manpower World Headquarters - WI - Flagpoles and Flagpole Beacons
  • Strategic Operations - CA - Custom Flagpoles
  • Turner Field - Atlanta - Flagpoles

Along the way, The Flag Company found some niches that have provided unexpected rewards. The company is the largest distributor of Message Flags with over 250 words in stock for all kinds of businesses and organizations. We are also the largest manufacturer and distributor of Toothpick Flags, available in state, international, decorative and even custom designs for everything from weddings to corporate logos. Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers are available in many designs for offices, conference & waiting rooms, hospitals, day care centers and doctors’ offices. Our Flag Information & Educational Resources has proven to be a valuable source of information for children’s homework assignments and classroom studies.

The Flag Company developed the Flagpole Beacon, an energy-efficient method of lighting flagpoles at night that resolves the environmental issues of light pollution and light trespass. It replaces the 1000 watt up-lights with 6 watt "LED" down-lights that respectfully light the flag at night. The Flagpole Beacon can be used with both internal and external flagpoles and is available for both commercial and residential applications. Further, it can be retrofitted to existing flagpoles.

The proudest event in the company’s history came in 1996, when The Flag Company was contracted to install the flagpoles for the venues of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. The company was also entrusted to print the IOC and ACOG logo flags that were flown at Olympic Stadium.

The Flag Company offers a complete line of flags, flagpoles, accessories and flag-related items. Our on-line store is secure and easy to navigate. Contacting Customer Service connects you to our courteous and knowledgeable staff. All of this gives many more options to our customers for anything they need.

Flags For Less Online is a division of The Flag Company
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